Tuesday Remote Delegate Morning Roundup

Learn from yesterday; live for today; hope for tomorrow.

The Goodman Edson Observatory

The Goodman Edson Observatory (GEO) is the OA’s museum at NOAC. The GEO is no ordinary static museum; it is a place where our past comes alive. The GEO is not just about preserving artifacts from our history, it gives us guidance and inspiration for the next generation of Order of the Arrow leadership. Woven into every uniform, patch, and item on display are the stories of our Brotherhood that bind every Arrowman from all times past, present, and future. Make sure you check out the GEO, which will be open every day this week from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at the UT Student Union, Room 262.

Quest QR Code Information

Want to get credit for wide game activities?  There is a list of QR codes on the Remote Delegate portal.  When you complete an activity, go to the portal, select the activity, and the QR code should appear.  QR codes for livestream events like trainings will appear in the livestream.

More Than Just The Stream!

There’s more available than just the livestream!  Check out https://noac2022.org/portal/remote-delegates/ for opportunities beyond the stream!