Polestar: Orientation for OA Leaders

Central to the Order of the Arrow’s mission to Scouting, the Order of the Arrow’s Induction Adventure provides a pivotal moment in the candidates’ and members’ lives. Each of us was touched in a unique way, possibly by the elangomat who served alongside us or the ceremonies that provided a mirror for our experiences. 

But just as we have these tools, they grow dull without care. Each generation of advisers and youth they serve must take care to sharpen these assets in their use. Using Polestar as our guide, we can effectively elevate the candidate and their Induction experience.

The Polestar program has evolved into more than just a video training and affiliated resources

New training content, materials, and resources are being prepared for NOAC, where we will have the opportunity to engage with the Induction Adventure in new ways. For those who haven’t taken the original training, we welcome you to An Introduction to Polestar. Here, we will take an interactive look at each component of the Induction, determine why it works, and see how we can improve it locally. 

For those who wish to take their ability to add value to the candidate’s experience in the Induction to a higher level and have previously taken the Polestar training, we invite you to Polestar: Closer to the Fire. In this training, we will empower delegates with the knowledge and toolset they need to explore best practices that elevate this experience. We will evaluate the fundamental purpose and inspiration of the unit election, call-out, ceremonies, Ordeal, Journey to Brotherhood, and Brotherhood. 

Join us as we elevate the candidate experience!