Experience NOAC From Home – Sign Up to Be a Remote Delegate Today

You can take part in all the top-notch training, competitions and even the evening arena shows that are the hallmark of NOAC even if you’re not making the trip to Tennessee this summer.

Arrowmen can sign up to attend the conference as a remote delegate.

For just $75, remote delegates will receive the same conference memorabilia as in-person delegates and have access to live streaming content throughout the day. Remote delegates will also have on-demand access to an archive of all content streamed live from the conference.

The 2022 remote delegate program is building on the successful effort from the 2018 NOAC and popular Momentum virtual event series.

Remote delegates will build an online community and have the chance to interact with one another on a virtual platform specially designed for the conference.

There will also be two channels of live-streaming content throughout the day.

This is also a great way to allow family and friends to take part in your big moments at NOAC, whether that’s a competition or a special recognition dinner.

Of course, each night will end with a livestream of the arena show — available only to paid remote delegates.

Remote delegate registration is open now and will be available through conference. You can register through the National OA Event Registration System.