Take Advantage of Training at NOAC

One of the best parts about NOAC is the opportunity to attend a wide range of training sessions offered by the best trainers from across the county. Delegates can choose a wide variety of sessions that pique their interests, from sessions about patch trading to lessons about servant leadership and everything in between. If you’re a lodge or chapter officer, these sessions are an excellent opportunity for you to hear best practices and ideas that you can bring home to your lodge or chapter. Only at NOAC can a chapter chief from Miami go to a training session and learn how a chapter from Los Angeles held a service project in their community for kids fighting hunger. 

When most people hear the words “training session” they think of a boring class. Well, think again! These are not your grandpa’s training sessions. Arrowmen will not want to miss the popular thematic signature training session. In this session, the trainers will break down the theme of the conference “Tomorrow Begins Today” in a way that will leave you motivated and wanting to run through a brick wall with excitement. Other popular sessions include the sessions that promote the incredible OA High Adventure opportunities, and the sessions that discuss patches.

It doesn’t matter who you are, there are sessions tailored for Arrowmen from all backgrounds whether you are a bright eyed, first year Arrowman ready to jump in to all the OA has to offer or a balding lodge adviser who’s trying to navigate TikTok. 

This year at NOAC, the Training Committee’s focus is empowering Arrowmen to tackle the tough challenges that they face back home and to start to thrive.