Welcome to the Ignite Festival

Don’t miss the main attraction on Friday, July 29, the Ignite Festival at NOAC 2022! The event will feature live performances from the Knoxville School of Rock and Brent Hyder. Have a blast on inflatable games, and visit lodge booths from all across the country. Explore four unique neighborhoods that will Ignite imagination and indulge the senses!

Include… strengthen the ties of Brotherhood and live the admonition! Play crowd-based games. Chill in community spaces. Meet special guests!

Illustrate… the world of tomorrow isn’t what you see, but what you create for others to see! Explore color by ink printing, creating a masterpiece together, and expressing yourself with chalk art. 

Immerse… discover new ways to stimulate the senses. Experience Virtual OA High Adventure.  Lose yourself in an obstacle course. Dance like no one is watching at the silent DJ booth!

Illuminate… in the right light, at the right time, everything can be extraordinary! Share on our social media wall. Inspire others. Highlight your best features at our selfie area!

Tomorrow Begins Today at Ignite. Join us on the Performance Lawn at World Fair Park from 11 am to 4 pm. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore all that the Ignite Festival has to offer while pushing your senses to the limits!

Katie Osterhout serves as the Ignite Festival CVC this year at NOAC. She is from Toloma Lodge out of Modesto, California, and she currently attends Modesto Junior College while she pursues a degree in Music Therapy. Katie says she can’t wait to see 6,000 people in one spot having fun and sharing their stories as Arrowmen come together for a day of fun and fellowship!