Welcome to the Conference Mobile App!

Each participant should have received an email from the NOAC 2022 app asking you to create your account and download the app onto your smartphone. The app will be your central place for information and updates during the conference along with access to the conference wide game. Each attendee’s personal schedule from NOAERS is available in the app, along with the full NOAC schedule, maps, and lots of other information about the conference.

Download the NOAC Mobile Apps! Two Apps. One Interactive Experience. 

Make sure you download both official apps before you leave for Knoxville so that you can make the most of your NOAC experience. Start exploring the NOAC App today and get excited to start your NOAC Quest the minute you arrive!

The NOAC app is your connection to all things NOAC! View your schedule, show tickets, training resources and more. The NOAC App is your digital guidebook! Click here on your mobile device to download the app or search ‘OA BSA’ in the App Store or Google Play Store.Quest is the NOAC wide game that will help you explore the conference and connect with new Arrowmen! Download the NOAC Quest app before you leave for the conference so that you can earn points, view your badges, and view the NOAC leaderboard once you’re here in Knoxville. Click here on your mobile device to download the app or search “NOAC Quest” in the App Store or Google Play Store.

If you are having problems accessing the app, please email noac-app@oa-bsa.org for support and someone on the technology team will be happy to help. Please note that if someone has newly been added it may take up to 24 hours for their invitation to go out. Please also note that some attendees received an email from the Contingent and Staff Services team that their email address was in use for more than one attendee. In order to use the app, a unique email address is required, so these attendees should follow the instructions they received and input an ‘App Email’ into NOAERS. After this is corrected, they should receive their invitation within 24 hours.