Arts and Crafts Competition

AIA Competition Guidelines and Rules

The AIA Staff wants to welcome each of you and encourage your participation in the upcoming NOAC Arts and Crafts Competition. The purpose of the Arts and Crafts Competition is to help preserve the skills and talents necessary to make high quality, historically accurate Native American style materials.  Across the broad spectrum of Native American crafts, the competition seeks to encourage contemporary crafts persons to do the research and attain the expertise necessary to ensure that these cultural arts are not forgotten. The competition also provides our community an opportunity to formally recognize those artists and crafts persons who have excelled in this realm.

Arts and Crafts Competition and Exhibition
Rules and Guidelines

Please note that there is no advanced or preregistration for the Arts and Crafts Exhibition/Competition.  All registration will take place at NOAC.  Registration information will be available on-site at check-in.


  1. All youth participating in the NOAC 2022 Arts and Crafts Competition and Exhibition must be registered participants of NOAC and the BSA.  No day visitors will be permitted to participate.
  2. All participants will obtain the Arts and Crafts Competition and Exhibition packet and complete all of the forms contained therein.  Some forms will need to be turned into the registration prior to the Arts and Crafts competition. Registration numbers inside the packet must be placed on display with the items.  [Note: It will be possible to submit forms after individual dance competitions of NOAC should the clothes coach encourage this.] Several of the forms will be collected and used in the tabulation process to assist in determining Competition winners.
  3. The exhibitors will be limited to displaying five (5) items.  If several items comprise a “set,” the “set” will be considered as one item.  The Arts and Crafts Competition and Exhibition chairman will have the final determination on whether items make up a “set”. Display space should not exceed 72” x 30” (a standard 6 ft. table).  Participants should come prepared to appropriately cover the display area (table) provided by NOAC.
  4. Exhibitors are responsible for the safety and security of their displayed items.  Please be present at your exhibit at all times.  While NOAC AIA Staff will do its best to protect the displayed items, it assumes no liability for any damage and/or loss that may occur.
  5. Items that may contain components from prescribed (illegal) species may not be displayed.  Exhibitors showing items containing prescribed components will be asked to remove them from their display.  Please check both federal and state regulations to determine if your craft items contain parts of illegal species.